Honeymoon Reblog: The Beast in the Bathtub

Honeymoon reblog:  This is a post from 2008 – back when now eleven year old Ethan was only six!  This was before he was at all interested in reading… anything. I like telling the giggly tales on Saturday mornings! 

Brett likes to tell the story of the morning his father read him “Green Eggs and Ham” and then proceeded to squirt green food coloring into the breakfast scramble.

“I’m not eating that.” child-Brett urges us all to channel our inner Sam I Am as he squelched dad’s glimmer of creativity.

 Tonight, when it was about time to shut off the Playstation for the evening, I asked Brett if I should draw Ethan a bath…. “But I’m a little afraid to… there’s a Beast in the Bathtub.”

Ethan’s breath caught in his throat. “Really?!” He paused the game, ready to go investigate. Brett talked him into staying in their den and continuing the game, but Ethan’s enthusiasm was contagious.

 Brett stalled for me by reading Ethan the delightful book from cover to cover.

I had to build a waterproof beast. Fast. Scavenging styrofoam from the box of just-delivered assembly-required furniture, and a big green poncho, I quickly created a bathable beast. I stuffed the hood of the poncho to create a believable snout, and added a rubber playground ball to serve as a noggin.

 Then, while the tub was filling around our new foam and rubber beast, I filled a small squirtgun with warm water and hid it for Brett to use as the Beast’s squirting water to clean behind Ethan’s ears.

During the wildly successful bath (the giggling was more contagious than usual), I snuck into the boys “den” where Ethan wanted to sleep on the couch so he could snuggle Lingo all night. I took a dark green, king-sized sheet and rolled it out length-wise under the front edge of the sofa so it looked like the long, tentacular tail of the Beast…


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