Catching up with myself: Project update

Because it’s been about a month since I’ve posted a project-related blog, I figure it’s about that time.    This is just a quick status update of where I am with each of my current projects.


Draft 8 of Salvaged  is finally to the point where I’m almost happy with it. It’s the version Brett read on the plane, and there are two other beta readers still currently sifting through it.  I will aggregate all of their notes and feedback, as well as my own remaining comments and notes, and then do minor tweaks. I honestly don’t think the tweaks will add up to a whole new draft. My guess is that version 8.5.1 might be the version that I actually consider to be “final” for a while.

Once that is done, I’ll begin querying agents. I have been doing agent homework and making a short list of those agents I’d most want to represent me and my full scope of work (not just this novel).


I’ve adjusted the plot to span 6 issues of a comic book in what I envision as essentially one trade paperback. My plan is for at least 12 issues, because the ending of this set of 6 is only half of the story. I am still plotting and outlining most of issues 4-12.

Working now on finishing the script for issue one. The next step will be working with my artist friends to figure out pacing and what is able to be accomplished on a single page.

Once I get the script for issue one done as far as I can get it before we start making pictures real, I will start looking very carefully at submission guidelines and finding the publishing houses that I’m the most interested in for this work.  I’ll also be querying agents with this one, but there are far fewer out there who are interested in comic books.


The short-story turned webcomic prequel to Salvaged is another of my big projects right now. We are working on the pacing and script, on character sketches and getting the feeling right.   My fingers are crossed that we can start the weekly posts sometime this month.

Other stuff

I’ve got a pile of other stuff on the to do list, shelved temporarily, and stuff that I really want or need to do. Mostly, they just don’t reach the top of the heap in terms of priorities just yet.   That pile includes:

  • Another prequel short story for Salvaged, called Crashed.  This one is drafted, but needs a lot of fleshing-out. My goal for this one would be to have it available as a novel-teaser here on this blog for interested readers.
  • Website redesigns / overhauls for this and my other blog, as well as a new homepage
  • Quarantined.  I need to finish the first draft of the sequel to Salvaged.  I’ve got a pile of notes and a lot of ideas, but I feel like I really need to start working on a novel-length project again.  

Plan of attack

I know I can’t do everything at once. I even have dreams about the inefficiency of multitasking.  At this very moment, because Salvaged is with betas, I’m not touching it.

My 30-mins a day of writing is currently on the script for Maaneshin #1.

Both of the comic projects are quickly turning into “waiting to hear back from collaborators” statuses, which is why I decided to identify some of the other stuff that’s on deck.  My guess is that I’ll be working on Crashed again in the relatively near future.


What do you think?

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