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I mentioned the other day, that I feel like something big is brewing inside me. I am on the verge of launching into another creative project. I need to start writing my next novel.  Nothing I’m working on right now fills the void that can only be filled by writing a new story from scratch.

Salvaged will get one more touch-up with reader notes, but it’s in the editing and refining phases of work, which does not satisfy my urge to sit down and draw a story from the ether.

 The comic projects I’m working on are well underway, but they doesn’t satisfy me like a novel does. Mainly because I cannot approximate the final version of the story without an artist.  I am trying not to nag my friends to bits to see sketches of our collaborative pieces. The writing is the easy part – it’s the art that takes time.

Today, I’m sifting through my ideas folder, and I thought I’d share some of them with you. They are varied and odd. Many of the ideas are half-baked. I often get ideas and scribble them down for later and then that’s as far as they get.  My hope is that in blogging through my various snippets, something will catch my imagination and I’ll go scrambling off to write it.

I’ve got probably 20-30 ideas in my folder. From there, I’ve drawn a short-list that’s fourteen ideas long, and I am guessing that I will discard most of them before I even type them into this post.  This process of having to inspect them and polish them to share with others will help me refine them and figure out what I like and dislike about each of them.  My next step is to do 30-minute word sprints on the top two or three ideas. Whichever ones demands further attention will be the one I work on.

None of these are working titles, they are just descriptors so I know what I’m talking about.


Diplomacy (Science Fiction / social commentary)

Colonists learned too late that the monstrous beings they share a planet with are the only thing that makes it inhabitable. They cannot kill the beasts, so they enslave them. Tia has survived the Gauntlet – the great test to see who has skills to be a Master.  Instead of mastering the beasts, she must befriend them to survive.


Development (Science Fiction / Romance / humor )

Dora is a field test agent and security lead for a secret R&D firm selling science fiction to the government (and other high bidders).  She doesn’t realize that the P.A.W. device had already been activated when she stumbles into the lab. As the machine works to refine its completion of orders, Dora races to keep company secrets and juggle her confusing – and dangerous – love life.


Warrior (Science Fiction / Romance / dark)

The king is dead. Refugees are suffering in camps around the galaxy, and the war rages on. What they need is money, allies. Hope. The prince knows his best chance for all of those things is to marry well. Marry someone whose father is willing to bank on the promise of future gain from his impoverished planet. A king with a fleet who can help win the war. But what princess would move to a battlefield?


Wizard (Dark fantasy)

The wizard brings the water from the mountains. He calls the rain, he can heal the sick. He can destroy city blocks with his rage. They need him. They fear him. They feed him.  When law enforcement officers discover a pattern in a series of suicides, they have to ask the wizard to help them find the girl who is causing this madness.  What they don’t realize is that they’ve condemned the girl before catching her, because she possesses the one thing the wizard wants most of all.


Mystic (Paranormal / Urban Fantasy)

Experimental psychologist Liz Dean is a natural skeptic until she’s forced to see the mystical in her own normal world. She realizes something weird is going on when she meets the imaginary friends from her childhood – in real life.  But she is unprepared when she is drawn into Psychic battle and forced to fight for her life – armed with nothing but faith.


I was right – the process of writing them out here also culled a few more ideas from the herd. The three ideas I’ve scrapped are more “not right now” than they are “not at all”. I would enjoy writing all of the five ideas above. I’ve spent a good bit of time daydreaming all of them, and I have a pretty good grasp on the storylines as they look right now. I want to read all five of these ideas.

So what do you think? Care to cast a vote for any of these plots?   I’d love to hear what you think!


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