Vein of Gold

I like to make it official when I embark on new things. I post my New Year’s Resolutions, and I check in on them throughout the year. Writing out the intention makes it easier to stick to, more real, more important.

So, just like I did with Walking in the World and Finding Water, I’m announcing that this weekend, I’ve started Vein of Gold. This is another book by Julia Cameron.  I’m always a little embarrassed to admit that I am working through artist’s self-help books. But they do help. And I get a lot out of them.  This one isn’t divided into weeks, but the usual schedule is about 3-4 months to complete the process.

Unless I have a major breakthrough personally or creatively, you’re not likely to notice I’m doing this.  I’ll quietly read my next chapter and do a few assignments on Saturday mornings, and then in four months I’ll tell you I’m all finished and how wonderful it was.

I just want to make it official.

The way these books work is that I’ve got to journal 3 pages each morning – aptly named “morning pages”, take daily walks, and an hour-long walk each week, and every week I have to take myself on Artist Dates.  That’s the homework in addition to reading a chapter and doing tasks each week.

The Artist Dates are the hard part for me. They always have been. I don’t know why. I resist them the most. They have to be planned solo adventures. I like adventures, and I like being alone, so what’s the problem?

I think part of the problem is that ADs are by their nature frivolous. They are also self-care. Frivolous, fun self-care. This is not my forte. I have a hard enough time convincing myself that it’s okay to spend money on haircuts.  So yeah, I resist these things. I also know that if I do them, I enjoy them.

Therefore, I’m going to make it official – I’m going to try to do one of these Artist Dates once a week for the next few months. Maybe I’ll even check in and let you know what I’m doing for them….


4 thoughts on “Vein of Gold

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