The Next Big Thing

Somehow, this week’s blog posts have turned into an informal sort of series. This post is another one I’d drafted a while ago, and again, it fits nicely with the posts previous.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned keeping an eye on the spedometer of my internal dashboard. I seem to run in fifth gear most of the time, and it sometimes seems alien to me to downshift to a more sedate pace. I work two jobs, I’m constantly self-improving, and I’ve always got some huge project underway.

Since April 2011, the projects have included a series of Salvaged rewrites and all of the planning and preparation leading up to the wedding. After November 2012, the wedding efforts shifted into Thank You notes, and then right into the anticipation of the Honeymoon. Now that we’re back from the honeymoon, the next trip is a quick jaunt to Ohio in early July for my twentieth year high school reunion and catching up with friends and loved ones where I grew up.

Even though I’ve got ongoing projects, I’m not really biting off anything huge in terms of my work.

I think, after the Ohio trip, since I’ll have burned through almost all of my 2013 vacation, I’m going to stop planning big things. The next big thing after Ohio will be… Christmas. No major home projects, no planning for another trip, no massive hurdles that we have to clear.

Not hitting the brakes, but easing off on the gas pedal and letting the spedometer needle ease back closer to the speed limit.

I’m exhausted. It’s showing in my writing, and it’s showing at work. I’m tired all of the time. This is a form of radical self-love. There is no next big thing.

(I wonder how long I can keep it that way?) 


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