Calling our Teachers

There is a saying that the teacher will arrive when the student is ready. I think this is akin to saying that people come into our lives at specific times to teach us certain things. There’s a little bit of fate, maybe some luck, definitely synchronicity involved in both the belief and the event – should it happen.

I am thinking about this because I’m considering trying to teach some of my work skills, and I’m trying to figure out how to make that a feasible career step. I’m also thinking about it because of the latest Julia Cameron book I’m working my way through.  I’ve had some amazing teachers in my life. Some of them have only reached me via their own books, like Cameron or Natalie Goldberg.  Some, I’ve had a little bit more contact with, like Scott Russell Sanders or Jamie Catto, but mostly learned from their books.  Some of them I’ve met in real life, and of course I cherish those connections.   Those include people like Jeff Davis.

I think sometimes it’s a good practice to look at our teachers, and to thank them. It’s also sometimes a good idea to clear space for new ones to come into our lives.

Who are your teachers? In writing? Professionally? In life?


What do you think?

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