I’m Pretty Sure I Suck at Dating

Following the honeymoon, Brett and I decided that we needed to institute a weekly “date night” to spend quality time together.  Not long after that, I started reading and working on Vein of Gold, which requires me to take myself on “artist dates” each week.

This means that I’m brainstorming lots and lots of date ideas. Some are for both Brett and I. Some are for just me. Some are interchangeable.  The goal for date night dates is to experience new things together and to explore a little. It doesn’t have to cost money, and it doesn’t have to be a “traditional” date idea. (I can only handle watching about 1 movie per month, maximum, so that’s a limited option.)  The goal behind artist dates is to let my inner child out to play. They don’t have to be out of the house. They don’t have to cost money, and they don’t have to be extravagant.   But they can be.  The only rule is that they are weekly, and they are done by myself.

I thought I’d jot down a few of my date ideas and see if anyone has any more….

Couple-type dates:

  • Picnic in the park on a nice day
  • Catch a free concert
  • See a play, show or act
  • One person drives the other into the middle of nowhere blindfolded, and the other has to get us home without GPS
  • Read to each other

Interchangeable (could be couple or individual) :

  • Go to a firing range
  • Go for a walk in the woods
  • Visit the botanical gardens
  • Attend a book reading / signing
  • take a class (of any sort – cooking, improv, dancing, karate, sewing, wine tasting….)
  • Try a boxing gym
  • Other museums?
  • cook together

Solo self-dates:

(I’ve brainstormed these before, here’s a list of examples.)

  • Go to the art museum and take notes of impressions and ideas that come up
  • Attend an open mic night (join in?)
  • cook, bake, sculpt, paint, draw, sew, collage – create something without writing

Do you have any ideas? Throw them in the comments!


7 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure I Suck at Dating

  1. Cemeteries are inspiring to me. I start thinking about what sort of lives the people lead, and it also gets you thinking along metaphysical or philosophical lines. You could do that on a solo date.

  2. o.0 *thinking you’re a goof* You’re married, so you must’ve done dating right at some point! lol

    (1) You can visit a horse ranch 🙂 That’s what I do. Me and a donkey there became besties. (2) You could find a pond with ducks and feed ’em! That sounds easier than it is -where’d all the ducks go anyway!! *thinking the alligators in the pond ate my duck friends!* (3) You can go somewhere pretty and take pictures. I’ve taken pictures at parks, marinas, horse ranch, my backyard chasing down butterflies (4) Take yourself to lunch (5) Play a round of miniature golf. I haven’t done that for decades! …and there’s probably a reason for that. *smashes windmill with golf club*

    I think that’s about all I got… 🙂


  3. First thing that comes to mind is (surprise surprise) kayaking. State parks usually rent then pretty darn cheap, Speaking of which, look at your state park and county websites for ideas. They may do stuff you don’t know about.

    You could re-institute grill night and cook a new dish.

    I like the photography idea.

    As for those cold or rainy don’t want to go outside days/nights…Game night? Game night with an adult twist?

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