Revisiting To-Do-Listing: A Middle Ground

Last week, I wrote about my non-listing experiment.  I’ve gone about a week and a half without them. I have forgotten a few things. I’ve fretted about deadlines that were not due for another week.  I haven’t exploded into flame.

I always knew that no lists at all would be an extreme answer, when the right way to work was probably somewhere in between my old way and nothing.

This week’s experiment is short lists.

My old way had been to write out everything I should be doing like the song “Unworthy” by Cheryl Wheeler, then editing that mammoth cloud of words down into several points.

This week’s method will be to write down only a handful of points and ideas. Only listing the possible, the most important, the immediate.  Post-it sized notes instead of legal-pad sized notes.

The whole point of to-do lists is to remember to do things, right?

Then why waste time writing long lists instead of doing?



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