“Catch!” Story collaborating Hot Potato game with Artipeeps

At the beginning of the summer, my Twitter friend Nicky at Artipeeps asked whether I’d like to participate in a collaboration. I said yes.

The “Hot Potato” project is simple. Each writer gets “passed” a story in turn to add 500 words to the flow. I was the fourth “potato” pass, and I received the tale and then passed it along.

Here is the story to date:

As a reader, I noticed the vast differences in style between Ben and Gail, Gail and CJ.

As a writer, I tried to tug some of the mystery and sadness from Ben’s portion up into the current bit of the story. Like the others, I left a few interesting toys on the floor for the next writers to play with.

Have to admit, I was pretty daunted once I caught the potato. I was assailed by self-doubt and concern that I wouldn’t “live up to” the work of the storytellers before me.  I can only hope I tossed the potato gently on to Laura.



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