Random Poem: Sprout

I wrote this poem in July 2006, and have only just stumbled across it for the first time since then.  I think it’s workable – let me know if you agree in the comments!


While weeding through subconscious fears
Trying to understand
and dismantle inexplicable actions
I have stumbled across something
growing inside me.

The seed has been there all along.
For a while it flourishes, then it dies back
A hearty plant that waits for the next season
if this one’s conditions aren’t going to feed it right.

Nestled deep in the soil that rests
in the bottom of my belly,
robust and gutsy composted mulch.
It may be intuition given voice,
tossed by my breath.
The seed is fertilized by passionate surrender
to my body’s deepest cravings:
food, sex, shelter.
To be held.
To be left alone.

Then my Self emerged
like the sun to warm the seed.
Bright, shining, resilient and brave,
stronger than I ever thought possible.
The glowing orb
That pricks me between my shoulder blades
burns me from behind my sternum.

I refuse to wade knee-deep
into the river of life.
Instead I walk in up to my hips
to my chest
until my breasts float in the cold current.

Ah, says the seed.
These conditions are favorable….
And she sprouts.


3 thoughts on “Random Poem: Sprout

  1. A comment that came from offline –

    “i love love love the idea of a seed waiting until conditions are favorable — the idea that we grow as much as ourself can make able and make room for – but it is there waiting for the right time – it is there. and, regarding your opening statement — i agree,there’s plenty to work with here. You should play with this. i’m curious to see how 2013 Alicia will hone this. my only editorial comment (and not sure if you were soliciting comments, so forgive me if not) isthat the river imagery at the end seemed out of place since we’ve been talking all about soil and seeds and growing. but i like what you said about the river, so maybe that’s the birth of a different piece?”

    … in fact, the river refers to a companion poem. If I want this one to stand alone, I might want to cut that portion, or I can present the two together?

  2. I adore the concept and especially the final stanza. I like the idea of referring to a companion poem but agree with your offline commenter. Maybe an image of soil would be more consistent? Refusing to be scattered on the surface, but instead sending roots deep and stretching to the sun, or something like that? A similar idea, but more parallel imagery.

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