When in Doubt, Wear Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots (Photo credit: iampeas)

“When in doubt, wear motorcycle boots.”  

This is practical, everyday advice.  Motorcycle boots work with skirts and jeans, when you need to be near horses and might get stepped on, when there’s mud.  Doc Martens can be substituted in this case, they work equally well.

Motorcycle boots also help with that twinge of a word, doubt. Because you can not help but feel a teensy bit badass wearing big black boots. You can’t feel anxious or full of self-doubt and badass at the same time. Either the feelings cancel one another out, or badass wins.

Big boots change your gait – you cannot mince in big boots. You have to stride. They are heavy, you want economy of motion. You can still be graceful, but you have to take long, confident steps.

I originally came up with this truth in 2005, and I’ve held onto it since then. If I need a fashion confidence booster, I skip the cleavage or the high heels, and I go for my comfy worn-in boots.

I didn’t understand the concept of biofeedback when I coined it. But if you have to change your posture and gait, you can send messages to your mind that you are confident. Suddenly, the doubt is even less powerful than it was moments before.

I’m writing a bit about doubt this morning, and I stumbled across a word document with this title. I was amused and diverted for a moment, a quick easy way to circumvent this niggling feeling that something may not work quite the way we hope it will.

I might not wear motorcycle boots with my sundress this morning (that takes a very particular kind of mood), but I will certainly be embracing my inner boot-wearer as I set off on my day.


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