Today marks the official beginning of Uncounted. I’m so excited! There is nothing more intriguing and rewarding than seeing images from my imagination appearing before me at the hands of an artist. I could quickly become addicted to doing this kind of writing.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so click on the sketch below to see the live cover art for the webcomic.

By Carlo Ostrout

The plan is to post a new page each Monday morning.  So the story begins in earnest next Monday.

I will, of course, be adding links here for you to click through.

What I can’t tell you is how many months’ worth of Mondays will be blurbs about the comic! I simply don’t know how long it’s going to take. My initial outline was supposed to be 12 pages long, but that’s before I learned anything about the medium or about pacing. I do know that what I thought was “beat 1” for one page, is going to take almost all of the Mondays in July to complete.  Each drawing is done on an iPad, and each one takes about 8-10 hours to finish.  Frankly, the writing was the easy part.

So, I hope this post gets you as excited as I am!



6 thoughts on “Uncounted!

  1. Oooooooooh, I love Web comics! I’ve wanted to make one myself, but I haz no artistic skills. I might consider it if I ever had a motivated artist to handle the drawing side of things.

    Will the Web comic be updated here on your blog or on a separate page?

    • they will all be updated on the webcomic page. I will have a link and a promo blurb here to remind folks though.

      thanks! I’m so excited!

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