Snippets a.k.a “Beware of things named for soup”

Sometimes I find random notes to myself that make no sense but are still neat.

I like them. I hate to lose them. I have no idea if they were poetry, to-dos or story ideas. They are just… snippets.

Anyone care to take one of these on as a story prompt? If you do, I will! 🙂 Say…. 500 words flash fiction?

  • A dog named Curiosity
  • Time is ripe, delicious fruit
  • I’m a tailwagger’s bark
  • He needs her whole breath
  • You believe in a golden day
  • Baby Fuzzy Pants has an eye for better
  • She melted, twisted her belly in its teetery leap, this guy could achieve
  • Taste your loyal courage
  • The Polyesters howl at midnight
  • I leap to protect my favorite master
  • Beware of things named for soup
  • Go greyhound anyway, don’t hunt.
  • Take your veni, vidi, vici  to heel, I don’t require obedience
  • Did you trust the wolves? I’m human
  • I learn with every wild leap that I won’t break

Any takers?  If you do, I’ll reblog your stories! Let me know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Snippets a.k.a “Beware of things named for soup”

  1. Ooo! I want to! *grins* But first I’ve have to decide which one to tackle. So many of these look like fun!

    I’m glad your brain works this way too. I have so many post-it notes next to my desk with little messages like these.

  2. I used to keep snippets too. Turns of phrases, words I liked. Etc. Sometimes they evolved sometimes not.

    When I read your list, I pounded out this 274 word bit of silliness in about 5 minutes.

    The Polyesters Howl at Midnight.

    Back in the 60’s a mad scientist struggled to create the perfect fabric. It couldn’t wrinkle, it could be washed easily and could be dyed any color imaginable, the brighter the better!

    Fortunately for him he was successful. He created polyester. These little buggers clung together like no bodies business and were immortal. Unfortunately, when the clothing was no longer wearable because the hideous style had finally run its course, the polyesters were resigned to a big pile in the back of the warehouse.

    Over time, they simmered in the steamy darkness. They began to evolve. They actually developed some rudimentary instincts. Number one was wanting back out in the world again.

    They began to develop a strategy. Every night at midnight, they would start shuffling and climbing higher and higher towards the window. The noise created sounded like the wind howling across the parking lot.

    No one would go into the warehouse after dark; they were convinced it was haunted.

    No one noticed the pile of polyesters growing higher and higher.

    No one noticed when one night during the dark of the moon, when the pile trickled up and out of the window.

    They did notice at some point that the pile was gone. But didn’t’ think much about it. Figuring someone probably just finally disposed of it.

    The little polyesters moved like a shallow wave towards the garment district. Upon finding a way into one of the up and coming fashionista designer’s basement they started mating with the cottons and the silks…beware, they are returning and you will never ever be rid of them. Polyester lives forever!

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