Flash Fiction: Rumors of Soup (540 words)

I’m so excited to see that Gwendolyn used one of Tuesday’s snippets for her own flash fiction. Check it out!

apprentice, never master

Zain finished his business with the Port Registrat quickly. It was getting easier, checking into ports, convincing men to leave his name off the books for a few days while he and his crew sank their teeth into the new city. A few stops back, he had convinced the brass-buttoned man to leave them off record until they sailed back out. This time, he’d only bought them a week, but they’d argued it out so quickly, he suspected it wasn’t an unusual occurrence for the officer. It was comforting, knowing he hadn’t drawn an ounce of attention at the request. Also, disconcerting, not knowing what else was hiding in the harbor. And exciting.

He tried not to grin as he strode down the hall.

“You look happy.”

Zain had almost forgotten the Registrat’s assistant. Sitting behind the deck tucked into the corner, she looked like she expected to be overlooked…

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