New Posting Schedule

I’m going to try something new. I realize that I have certain kinds of posts that I already publish on certain days of the week. Expect an Uncounted prod every Monday, I have been habitually putting my cartoons out there on Saturday.

I think I’m going to turn this into a bonafide schedule. It ensures that I hit some of the posts that are harder to write, but seem to get way more attention and interest. It makes sure I shout out to other authors. It gives me an idea of what to write when every time I gaze at the blank page of a blog post. I know that I have a plan. Not much of a plan, but a plan.

Here’s the new schedule:

  • Sundays are a free day. I can write about whatever I want on Sundays. The reason for free days is because sometimes, things come up. Sometimes there are random poems, or I have news that I must share. So, I’ve given myself two per week. Sundays and Tuesdays. Everything else is categorized.
  • Mondays are for Works in Progress.  For the foreseeable future will be nudges to get you over to read the Uncounted updates. When I wrote the script, I envisioned the story taking 12 pages to complete (about 3 months) but the first “beat” of my actual story took four weeks to set up and get right. I’m learning a lot, but this is almost a year of updates in the making, if it’s a 4/beat pace. I really hope it speeds up a little bit more than 48 weeks! However, I’ll keep this as a “Work in Progress” post even when Uncounted is over, so you know what Mondays will become.
  • Tuesdays are free like Sundays. Days to be able to cover topics that may not be handled by some of the others.
  • Wednesdays are genre and business – Wednesdays are among those “hard but important” posts that I mentioned earlier. I save a lot of these in drafts. A lot. I half write them and then I get overwhelmed by them. But they are important. They are industry / genre analysis. They are what I think about the field of science fiction, what I think about characters and writing and the whole thing. This is where I’m putting my position as a writer out there.
  • Thursdays are for other writers. I want to keep getting out the “On the Shelf” posts. They don’t get a lot of traffic unless the authors themselves retweet them, but what they do is create a place where I provide a clear look at what I read, what I enjoy reading, what I look for in a book. I think what an author reads says more about their writing than any synopsis. I think my Goodreads feed might be more telling than Twitter.  If I don’t have an On the Shelf ready, I might use this space for shout-outs and interviews with other novice authors like me.
  • Fridays are going to be fiction. I need to write more flash fiction anyway, and I enjoy putting it out there. It’s silly to have an author blog and no fiction on a regular basis. So, Fiction Fridays.
  • Saturdays have become cartoon days, and I think I’m going to stick with that. I’ve found that I really enjoy drawing them, and I like the process of figuring out what in my life is cartoon worthy. So Saturdays will be cartoony!

That’s it!

That’s the schedule I want to try to use. I’m not going to stick to it like crazy or anything, but I figure if people are more interested in one kind of post than the others, this might also be a good way to get return visits.


3 thoughts on “New Posting Schedule

  1. I like the idea. But don’t let it make you crazy. Just think of it as a fluid concept. So if you feel cartoony on a different day you post it just because you can.

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