Like Riding a Bike

AK at Beehive sewing class


Last week, I attended a sewing class.

Okay, so we only made a tiny little pincushion, but the whole point of the class was to learn what all of the various bits and bobs are on our own machines and knowing how to navigate them.

Once I had all of the the extra knobs translated for me, I felt pretty comfy with the act of sewing itself, that’s apparently not a skill one loses over time. (Like riding a bike!)  I just needed the extra help of working on the machine.

When I was a kid, we had an old Singer. It wasn’t very high-tech. In Home-Ec classes, they use the stripped down models that have as few moving parts as possible for kids to break.

Here’s the best metaphor I have for this experience. When I was a kid, we had a top-loader VCR that as it got older had to have weight placed on top of it in order to get it to rest deeply enough on the reels to actually play.  It had a “remote control” that was connected via very long cord (so you could sit on the sofa).  The remote had one button.  The button was PAUSE. The purpose of this pause button was so you could pause recording during commercials when you were taping something off television. This was some seriously high-tech stuff.

Now. imagine the Luddite for whom that was the last time they had plugged something in to watch a film on their TV. Present them with a blu-ray player and a remote with access to broadband and Netflix.

That is exactly how I felt when I was faced with the advanced technology of my sewing machine.   Just like my video-watching metaphor, once you get down to sitting on the sofa with popcorn, it’s not all that different. But there was a serious gap in understanding in order to get to hat point.

Now, I feel a little more confident.   I need to do some projects between now and my next sewing class in September.

Anyone need anything hemmed?


2 thoughts on “Like Riding a Bike

  1. Ta da! I had faith in you! and um yes, actually…if you get time I have some bedroom curtains that could use a bit of length adjustment. 🙂

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