Archetypes of Salvaged

matrix with archetypes included (eg. rebel, dominator, crusader)

I want to talk about the archetypes in the chart above, because I totally geeked out this weekend and figured out which of my Salvaged  characters fit where.  It was fun, because I hadn’t put it in those terms before, and some of the characters landed in interesting places. Places where you might not expect them to be.

If you want detailed and interesting descriptions of all of these types, click on the image above for a really interesting post.  Meanwhile, here’s where my cast nets out:

Sonia Kulechev

 Lawful Good

John Mistral

 Neutral Good

Dr. Daniel Aven

Chaotic Good

Director Thomas

 Lawful Neutral

Careen Emerson

 True Neutral

“The Doctor”

 Chaotic Neutral


 Lawful Evil


 Neutral Evil


 Chaotic Evil


You see “the Doctor” in Uncounted (and Mistral will be appearing there, shortly).  The others, you’ll have to wait for.  I do have an old excerpt (it’s still in third person, for goodness’ sake) that includes several of these names, though.  (Click here for that old draft’s sneak peek.)



4 thoughts on “Archetypes of Salvaged

  1. Interesting. I’m familiar with these from D&D, but don’t generally tend to think about them in terms of my novel’s characters.

    If I had to pick for each of my own characters, I’d say that Tock is “Chaotic Neutral.” She is a bit of a crazy one and doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

    Gabby is somewhere between Neutral Good and Lawful Good (and she’s going to head fully towards Lawful as she develops more). She’s a pure hearted person who cares deeply for others.

    Callia is definitely Neutral Good. She’s very caring and compassionate, but doesn’t care for the structure of society.

    Dr. Caldwell is Lawful Neutral. She’s a government employee, and very strict and orderly. Her morals are a bit questionable, though.

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