Go read Uncounted! [Webcomic]

Did you know that the collaborative webcomic project I’ve been working on with @caost called “Uncounted is a prequel short story to my novel Salvaged?

The main character, known simply as The Doctor” may be perceived as an antagonist in the novel.  In truth, he’s a far more complex person, and he inhabits a far more complex role than that perception allows for.  Careen won’t learn all of that until far later in the series, so careful readers will do well to learn from the prequel tale.

The characters from Uncounted who also appear in Salvaged include the Doctor himself, Mistral, and a young girl named Sophie.  In today’s update, the Doctor meets Sophie for the first time.  Click the teaser pic below to see how that introduction came about.

close up of face with some inks


3 thoughts on “Go read Uncounted! [Webcomic]

  1. Fascinating. The reference to paying in gold is the first indication I’ve seen that this may not (?) be taking place in the real world. Either that or it’s taking place in a society where the economy is different from America’s.

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