My Vein of Gold

I’ve mentioned before that I’m slowly wandering through the exercises and chapters in the book Vein of Gold, and I have been enjoying it.  This week’s exercise has been a lot of fun. I’m glad I had the extra cash to spend to be able to truly do it justice.

The concept is to find my own personal “vein” and learn where it is, so I can mine it artistically.  The games and projects associated with this sleuthing are fun. They are a nice break from serious, deep introspection.   One of the things we’re supposed to do is read stuff that interests us and then to collage – any image that is interesting.  So, I bought some magazines. From the meager selection at the grocery store, this is what I brought home:

stack of glossy magazines

I’m amused that while Glamour and Marie Claire are part of the pile, so is Backpacker.  Since I’ve never been “glamping”, I’ve got to say that in my experience, make-up, fashion and starlets have very little to do with backpacking.  The target audience for Popular Science, Mental Floss and Sci-Fi magazine might intersect a good bit, but how do those fit in with Real Simple and the fashion mags?  Somewhere, in the intersection of all of these areas of interest, you’ll find me.

I have a feeling that the final outcome of the whole project will end up resembling something akin to Holly Lisle’s “Sweet spots” exercise.   In fact, I think if I have the time and gumption to do so, I’d like to marry the two different efforts into a single reference of all of the images and themes that I can tap into and have something authentic and meaningful come out of it.

So far, via the other exercises, I’ve managed to unearth that I’m drawn to tales of adventure, of good vs. evil, love stories, fate, and characters who overcome the odds through being true to themselves and their beliefs.  I am drawn to cynical characters who find themselves in the middle of tales of wonder.   I’ll let you know what comes of these exercises, because it ought to be interesting.


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