“140 characters” – Here’s the Plan

Today’s post contains no fiction.

I’ve been cooking up the idea for a long, week-over-week series of interconnected short stories (and short-short stories).


These stories will present themselves as interconnected blog posts. I plan to have a separate page available to help readers navigate the posts as they go live, and introducing the concept behind the story.   Yes, there will be Twitter tie-ins (I believe there will be at least one character with an active Twitter account of her own, perhaps more than one) because the title is a Twitter remark as it is.  Yes, there will be a total of 140 different people who act through the course of the stories.

The first “140 characters” story will go live next Friday, August 23.  


3 thoughts on ““140 characters” – Here’s the Plan

  1. Awesome socks! This sounds very exciting. I like the real world aspect of using twitter to enhance the story. You really could go into a lot of directions with that. I can’t wait until next Friday! 🙂

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