Uncounted so far [Webcomic]

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, or you are brand new to my blog (those are the only two acceptable reasons to have missed this), you deserve a little bit of an introduction to Uncounted. 

The Uncounted is a standalone prequel set in the same world as my novel Salvaged, Roughly four years before Careen Emerson makes her way to the Corps, there are still people dying and still diseases to be dealt with. P2 – a seasonal flu pandemic has wiped out much of the population.  Those who weren’t killed by P2 were killed by simple starvation… or the riots.

The Corps instituted the Count, a census and identification program that ties a person’s database entry with their vaccination records. It was an effort to try to keep people alive. However, there are many people who choose to remain Uncounted.


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