Sci-Fi Writers, Let’s Talk About Suvudo

Last weekend, I joined the Suvudu universe at  for my sci-fi writer blog.

The concept is “curated” science fiction content that users can up-vote and browse.  It’s basically a way to get your name and blog posts out in front of other science-fiction fans.  (Or fashion fans, or foodies – the main company, Tidal labs, has a number of interest-specific communities.)

The Pros: Exposure, Deep Links, and Control

Exposure:  There is an opportunity to surface your name, blog and information to a wider audience, and potentially attract new readers / followers.   I would equate getting upvoted to the front page of this tool to being “Fresh pressed” on WordPress reader. You will be able to get your stuff in front of people who wouldn’t ordinarily see it, and you might get some followers out of it.

Deep Links: (Check my SEO glossary if you’re confused)   If you link from one of your blog posts to another within the context of the post, the link stays live.  That means that you get a deep link from the suvudu domain back to your blog for whatever keyword phrase you have targeted. That means your linked blog post gets improved search rankings (slowly, over time).  This means you can be very, very strategic with your posts.


Control:  You can decide exactly what blog content gets posted to Suvudu – one post at a time. You can even tweak it and change things to make it more “front page friendly” to try to get additional exposure.

The Cons: Search Engine Cannibalism 

Canniba-what? Check out that glossary again and read the entry for “canonical“.  Suvudu claims that the version of YOUR content that you promote on THEIR site is actually the “official” version of the post.   That means that if you post something that ends up getting google search traffic, your post on Suvudu will show up in the search engine results, not the post on your blog. (That also means all of your other links are no where to be found, just more suvudu links along the top and sides of the page).

In essence, you’re giving them your content, and if your content ranks in search, they will get the clicks.

My Conclusion:

  • Don’t post everything you write — Create front page-bait posts that you intend to post on Suvudu only every so often.  That way, the real value is still on your own blog, you’re just doing this for exposure.  This is ideal for humor, pop-culture references, giveaways and promotions or announcements and news.
  • Protect your darlings —  If you have 1-2 blog posts you really want to show up in Google results, never post them on Suvudu. Instead, deep-link within other posts with a clear keyword anchor (use the phrase you want that post to target).
  • Change your Titles – If you have a post you’re sure is going to get your blog exposure, then change the main title of the post. It will change how the two pieces rank in search.

What do you think?  I think it could be a great place to surface contests, Giveaways, free books and news / events. It could also showcase quirky humor, short stories and blurbs, as well as author interviews.


What do you think?

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