Long term goals

Last week I had a moment of reckoning. I realized two very important things. First, that it seemed like everything I was working on was toward some distant, unseen impossible huge goal (and so my inner spoiled brat really needs some instant gratification).  Second, I don’t really remember what those goals are.  That means it’s time for a resolution check-in!

What I like about this year’s resolution is that it’s three words describing how I want to feel: Generative, invigorated and connected.   The second part of that goal-setting was to identify concrete steps I could take to make myself feel those things.
What I’m noticing is that I still want to feel generative, invigorated and connected, but that those concrete steps might seem a tad wonky now.




I most certainly feel generative. I have more ideas than I have time to write. I have more current, active projects than I have time to finish any of them.


At the top of my list for this goal is the deadline I gave myself of sending agent queries out for Salvaged by the end of the month.  I’ve got more chapters to revise than I do days left before that deadline, so I’d like to really take the time to hunker down and get it done.  At the same time, I randomly bought a book called “The first 50 pages” about perfecting the opening of a novel to maximize chances of getting your novel read by agents and editors.   This is inspiring me to make a few more tweaks to the beginning of my novel, adding  to the work that I feel needs to be done before I start querying.  I don’t mind if that self-imposed deadline slips a little bit, but I do feel a certain amount of urgency about moving to the next phase of the process.


Beyond really finishing Salvaged and getting started on the query process, I think a lot of the other concrete goals I set in this area seem a little off-base. The collaborative script has been tabled. My author platform is perfectly fine, especially considering I don’t have a book to offer.   Quarantined  and Crashed  are nice-to-haves, but I am more interested in seeing Uncounted through to completion (Not sure how many more weeks that will take).  I’d love to get Maaneshin issue one wrapped up and get started on submitting before the end of the year, but that will have to wait until after Salvaged  is in a more solid place.


Generative accomplishments Jan – Aug 2013:
  • Started Uncounted
  • Started 140 characters
  • Exceeded my target number of Twitter followers
  • Participated in Artipeep’s Hot Potato! collaborative story
  • Started working through Vein of Gold
  • Discovered that I like drawing cartoons (who knew!?)
Revised Generative concrete goals Sept – Dec 2013:
  • Finish editing Salvaged (Aug 2013)
  • Agent query process (Sept 2013 –>)
  • Finish Uncounted (Dec 2013?)
  • Weekly installments of 140 characters
  • Maaneshin issue one completed (Dec 2013)




Of the three, this is probably the one I’ve fallen down the most on.  It’s hard to manage a lot of daily stress and then add this sort of self-imposed stuff on top of it.  I’ve been trying to approach my fitness and weight goals as more of a holistic self-love and self-care process.  That means I’ve not made a whole lot of progress. I also lost my fitbit a few weeks ago, which makes it hard to track my ongoing measurements.


The concrete goals here were okay, they were pretty vague. Morning workouts and “get to target weight the healthy way”. Yeah, Those aren’t really all that concrete, when I think about it.   I’ve got some weird ones to add to this set. First of all, I know that my inner brat wants treats and goodies as a form of instant gratification. What I need to do is come up with new ways to satisfy those urges without sabotaging my goals.  The other thing that sabotages me is stress. I wear myself too thin, and working out feels like it is stressing me out more than it’s relaxing me.  I need to add some actual down-time and passivity to my overall plan.


Invigorated accomplishments Jan – Aug 2013
  • Walked an average of 11K steps per day every day through the month of June
  • Total wardrobe revamp – includes a healthy dollop of self-acceptance
Revised Invigorated concrete goals Sept – Dec 2013:
  • Walk 10K steps every day
  • Healthy sleep habits – 8 hours a night minimum
  • Strength training 3x / week
  • Brainstorm non-food instant gratification rewards for when my inner brat gets stompy
  • Weekly woods-time
  • Practice daily “flopping”. Whether reading, meditation, yoga, napping, or just sitting under a cat with a cup of tea,




Of the three, this one feels mostly achieved and unlocked to me. The goals were truly concrete and some of them are actually done


Connected accomplishments Jan – Aug 2013
Revised Connected concrete goals Sept – Dec 2013:
  • Ongoing weekly date nights with Brett
  • The other 50% of name changes

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