Uncounted [Webcomic nudge]

It’s Monday, which means a new page of Uncounted has been brought to reality.  Today’s comic introduces a new character to the world, though it’s really not clear who it is yet.  If you haven’t been reading Uncounted all along, start here.

If you have, then click on the teaser image for your tasty Monday dose of mid-apocalypse:

gunshot comic teaser

And if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to check out Carlo’s blog about the progression of building a page.   The reason why my teaser images are almost always from the step-one sketch is because that’s generally the only step I see prior to the finished project.  In fact, I sometimes see several drafts and iterations at that point.  We hash out what we both think needs to happen in the panel layouts, what moves the plot forward, and whether it makes sense to a reader.  I prefer to get out of the way after that.


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