Why Don’t We Have A Wonder Woman Movie?

It comes down to casting, direction and the willingness to let her be real. The new 52 had a twist on WW’s origin story, that book could add enough depth to the character to carry it in a film.


I recently got into an argument over Wonder Woman.

To be fair to both myself and my friend, neither of us had meant for our discussion to escalate into an argument. Both of us were coming from the same place—that we wanted a Wonder Woman movie already, thank you very much—although she was, at least, more realistic about the obstacles standing in the way of such a project.

Actually, that’s not entirely correct. It’s not that I don’t understand how and why various attempts to bring the character to live-action have failed—it’s that I have trouble accepting them. Saying that the character’s mythological roots are too distancing from mainstream (read: non-nerd) audiences doesn’t hold water for me, given that we’re about to get a second Thor movieAnd those who complain that the character is too rooted in a past era are directed to watch Captain America: The First…

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