Uncounted! And the learning curve

My favorite way to learn is by experience. No amount of classroom theory is going to teach me what I better learn by trying, falling down, and getting back up again.

This is also the case with Uncounted and the story-telling device of the webcomic.  In my mind, it’s a cohesive whole. It’s a story that folds together over somewhere around 18-22 pages.  Once it’s all live and available from start to finish, that will be the reading experience of the story.  However, it’s not all live, and new comics only come out once a week. Just as each issue of a comic book has to stand alone, each page of a webcomic sort of needs to stand on its own.  Or, at least, the reader has to have clear understanding of the sense of motion from one into the next.

The feedback from last week was mostly lost and confused. That’s good feedback to hear because last week’s post was a little confusing. (I had a gut feeling about there not being enough of a transition from one story line into a new character.) I also feel like the web comic format has a little less wiggle room for this sort of confusion. Today’s scene will probably help clear up that confusion. You get an image of who this person is, where he is, and what he’s after.  Next week’s you’ll figure out his true motivations – at least as I’m willing to let on here.   In the web comic, we’ve confused or lost readers because last week’s page was not clear.  In a novel, that’s as easy as trusting the reader to continue to read for another paragraph or two.

The ways messages are conveyed are different between media types, the pace and what the reader expects to learn are all different as well. I am still new at this, so it’s interesting to me, learning along the way.  Luckily, Carlo is patient with me.

sketch Uncounted Sophie and Dog

So, thank you, dear readers, for your patience as well.  Click on the teaser image to jump to today’s page! Please let me know if this clarifies things for you.



2 thoughts on “Uncounted! And the learning curve

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