140 Characters: Zach, Marcus, Bridget… and The Archmage

 Zachary wasn’t happy with his new job. Carting rich people’s luggage around the Marriott wasn’t exactly something he could put on his resume.  The schedule was flexible around his classes at the University, and it paid the rent. He dusted the cat fur off his black pants and straightened his tie.  With his dark skin and shaved head, he made this uniform look good.

When the wizard walked up to the Front Desk, Zachary flipped a coin with the other bellman, Marcus, to see which one of them was going to have to cart a big trunk and a suit of armor upstairs.

“Heads,” Marcus grinned.

“Shit,” Zach said, pocketing his quarter. He took the empty cart to the front desk when Bridget signaled.

“Please help Mr. Elrick to room 1401,” Bridget said formally. She sounded all professional, but the smile she shot Zach was wide. He took it personally. He returned her grin, and bent to lift the old guys’ trunk onto the cart.

“That’s fine, lad,” the old guy said. He had a funny accent, not quite British. “I’ll get it.”

Once the trunk was on the cart, Zach looked around for the crazy suit of armour. The old man held a sword, and smiled at Zach, his dark eyes twinkling in the dim light of the lobby. “Where’s the armour?” Zach looked around. The old guy was dressed in flowing robes of some coarsely woven fabric. His silver-grey hair was longer than usual, but just a little shaggy. His white beard was trimmed short. He had the wizard look all wrong, except for the props.

“I’ve got it,” the man patted his pocket. “Illusions, these things.” he waved at the cart.

Creepy, crazy old wizard dude.... Zachary shook his head, leading the man through the lobby to the elevator bank.  Room 1401 was at the end of the hall, and their feet whispered on the thick carpets.

Zach lifted the trunk onto the floor of room 1401, and then stood to find the man waiting for him near the door. The man shook his hand, and thanked him, and as his tip, the dude handed Zach a lousy fifty-cent piece. It was worn and scratched up. I looked like it had been through hell. Fifty cents. And a coin he couldn’t even use in the vending machine to get a coke. Zach sighed  and stuck the tip in his pocket.

He whistled as he wheeled his cart back down to the lobby.






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