Pitching “Salvaged”

In honor of today’s #PitMad, I’m adding a longer pitch and some more information about Salvaged.

badge design for my fictional military unit created for SALVAGED

Salvaged is an adult science fiction dystopia that skips “the big virus” and focuses on the social aftermath following the population crash. 

The One-liner:

Hoping to redeem herself for her violent past, Careen has to get her home remedy into the right hands to save thousands of lives before the next epidemic.


The Synopsis:

There’s a reason Careen Emerson survived the epidemics and pandemics. Her isolation on her parents’ farm meant she missed the riots, the secondary deaths, the starvation, and the panic. But she and her family survived the Es and Ps for a different reason. After killing her own father, Careen thinks this secret might buy her some protection.

Careen walks from rural Pennsylvania to the Corps headquarters in Atlanta to ask for help, but doesn’t reach their office before the wrong people discover her immunity. She partners with a mysterious Corpsman to deliver the recipe to her survival, and to secure her long-term safety. Unfortunately, warring factions of the Uncounted want black market rights to her grandmother’s home remedy. She pledges the Corps mission to preserve life, but when her own life is in danger, will she choose to survive – at any cost?

What do you think?

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