Uh-Oh…. Now What?

When I originally set up this schedule, I knew setting up Thursdays to be On the Shelf posts would be tricky.

English: Book shelf

English: Book shelf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the Shelf – as I originally devised it – was not meant to cover all of the authors and artists that I read. This wasn’t supposed to talk about every book I lay my hands on. It  was intended to cover only those authors whose books I know the release dates for. It is only supposed to be about the ones I recommend again and again.  Hence the name. The concept is for the authors whose books populate my permanent bookshelves. The keepers.

I have a very little house. Of necessity, the “keepers” shelf is also small. This is a finite space.

Therefore, I’ve run out of posts in this category.

What are we going to do now? 

Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see on Thursdays.  Here are some ideas:

  • Another “anything goes” day like Sunday and Tuesday
  • Highlights of other bloggers, webcomics and authors (in my head I call this “Twitter nepotism”) possibly with guest blogs and/or interviews
  • “What I’m reading right now” updates with notes on what I’ve read in the past week and what I’m currently in the middle of reading
  • Writer Marketing – I could start folding in my other blog and doing content here for that. I’ve been considering killing that one anyway. I still don’t know what my plan is there.
  • Non-writing creative pursuits (this would cover stuff like the sewing project I blogged about on Tuesday).
  • Works in Progress – A weekly update about what exactly I’m up to, where I’m stuck, and what’s been tabled to get other stuff done

2 thoughts on “Uh-Oh…. Now What?

  1. I am thinking “Thursday Threes” might be the way I do this. A list of 3 things – could be books, Works in progress, blogs to go read or webcomics. Anything at all. Just a list….

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