140 Characters: Sabrina and Archmage Elrik

Sabrina decided that the cute old guy from France should get the steak croissant special, and scribbled that on her pad. “Thanks for letting me use your pen, mister,” she said, smiling down at him.  She’d capped it and flipped it back toward him.

“You may keep it,” he said, with his neat accent.

“Whoa! thanks!” she grinned at him. Sabrina tucked the pen into her pocket. It wrote smoothly. Like an old fashioned fountain pen. It would be out of ink in no time.  She poured him a black drip coffee and took it over to his table. He smiled up at her, his blue eyes sparkling in the dim shop light.

“A waitress needs a good pen,” she said, flirting a little as she placed his ceramic cup on the bright red laminate tabletop.  “Do you want milk or cream with this?” she asked.

“No, I like it brown,” he said, still smiling at her.  “That pen will tell you if it needs to move on. Don’t be sad if you lose it. It has a destiny.”

“My pen has a destiny?” Sabrina grinned even wider, the bright red of her lipstick framing straight, white teeth.  “Awesome!”

Three more tables walked in and Sabrina had to get to work. She wanted to ask the old dude where he was from, maybe practice her rusty high school French on him. The college kid and the girl with dark hair and brown glasses would both end up camping at her tables, screwing her out of tips, but expecting free refills. The businessmen, they’d turn fast, she hit their table first.

“Hi there, Dorothy,” the guy in the grey suit with the blue shirt said to her with a smile. He had dark brown eyes and an overgrown mop of curly brown hair. He was adorable. Probably a dick. But adorable.

“Sabrina, really, they just don’t buy us new name tags.  Pedro over there’s real name is Sean.” She grinned at the cute businessman, “What can I get you?”

“Hm, I’ll have a latte, a breakfast bagel and your number,” the guy said, “Sabrina.”

Yep, she’d called it. He was a total dick. “Breakfast bagel, latte, and you’ve gotta try harder than that,” she winked at him and then smiled at his companion.

This business man had on a pinstripe blue suit and a starchy white shirt.  “Triple espresso latte and a plain cream cheese bagel. And we’re in a bit of a hurry for flirting.” He frowned at both of them.  Sabrina plastered her best “you’d still better tip me” smile on her face and nodded at the older man.

Both the student and the girl with the glasses had their laptops plugged in, and ordered plain drip coffee. Sabrina knew her clientele, that was for sure.  The old dude loved his croissant, and paid with crisp cash, tipped well. Sabrina gave him a real grin and tipped her pre-destined pen at him as he left the shop.

Sabrina was clearing his table when she looked out the window at the old dude trying to cross the street. She was the first to scream for someone to call 911 when the downtown #47 bus ran into him.

The guy with curly hair held her as she sobbed, and was late for his meeting. She gave him her number, but kept her pen.


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