Reaping What I’ve Sown

Harvest moonI know that Saturdays are supposed to be cartoons, but I can’t think of anything funny or whimsical. I’m head-down working on finishing a number of projects. I have one story out in a submission process, and I want to have queries and submissions all sent out into the world.  I want to finish things.   That is my internal harvest.

I drew the image above in honor of the Harvest Moon and in honor of the fall equinox. It includes the things that represent fall to me. The ripe corn all tasseled and ready to pick. The pumpkin patch – both because of the annual tradition of watching Linus and Sally wait for the Great Pumpkin, and because of pumpkin foods, Jack O’ Lanterns. The apples and apple trees. If I could zoom in enough, there would also be a Woolly Bear caterpillar in there somewhere.

Mostly, I remember going to a place called McConnall’s, where the apple orchards were visible from the road, and they had the best selection of pumpkins for carving. They had a cider press, and for a dime, you could buy a dixie cup of tart apple cider.  I remember fresh, hot apple fritters, and the whole place smelling like apples.  That’s fall to me.

What represents Autumn to you? What sights? What smells or flavors?   Are you doing any Harvesting in your life?



One thought on “Reaping What I’ve Sown

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