Lookit What I Made!

Last week and last night, I attended a sewing class at a small shop called the Beehive here in Atlanta.  The class was a birthday gift from Brett’s mom to help me gain confidence in using my sewing machine and making things on my own.  

We learned how to read patterns, how to follow all the instructions, and a few tips and tricks along the way.  It was intimidating and overwhelming to start with several yards of fabric, and a bunch of printed tissue paper.  I am more confident in my own abilities now, which was my main goal.

And I have a pretty new dress!

dress gallery

My next project will be another circle skirt like the one I made last week.  I already have all of the supplies for it, and I’m excited to wear the fabric that I chose.  I also have a scarf project that I want to work on. My goal has been to supplement my fall and winter wardrobe with a few more things that I’ve made myself, but I may very well just stick to these two patterns for a while.

Hooray for new skills, new clothes, and new confidence!


4 thoughts on “Lookit What I Made!

  1. Looks great! Can’t wait to see how the new circle skirt comes out.

    I can sew, but I never have the patience to do it well so I usually come out with something that is just not-quite-right. I always seem to spend more on fabric and patterns than if I bought something at the store, and then I still need to put it together. I wish I was more patient. The costumes and outfits I could make…

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