140 characters: Monica and Sabrina

Monica collapsed into the soft collapsed cushions of the tweed sofa. She hadn’t turned any lights on when she got home from the conference.  In the weak afternoon light seeping around the edges of the blinds, she could barely see the cat’s little face when Maybelle crawled onto Monica’s lap.  The cat’s tiny paws poked into her thigh, and she enjoyed the feeling of her hand on Maybelle’s soft fur. Maybelle purred and settled into a limp little ball on Monica’s lap.

“Yep. Me too.” she told her cat. “Me too.” She closed her eyes and let her head sink into the back of the sofa. That trip had been a nightmare. She was supposed to get clients and leads at the booth in the conference expo. All she got was harassed for her blue hair, harassed for her number, harassed for being short. Her feet hurt. She hoped that the sales guys would be able to use the fishbowl of business cards she’d gathered.

Glancing at her suitcase and belongings heaped by the door, she remembered her dead cell phone. She should plug it in. Her dad would want to know she had landed safely.  She looked at little Maybelle’s silver-grey stripes and enjoyed the purring vibration and warmth of the cat on her lap. She didn’t have the heart to move her, not just yet.

The sound of keys in the door woke Monica up from a strange dream of riding horses across wide fields and down dirt paths.

“Hey, Minica! Welcome back,” her roommate’s voice called from the door.

“Hey Dorothy,” she called back. Grinning at finally having a nickname that Sabrina hated as much as she hated being called Minica. It wasn’t her fault that her entire family topped out at five feet tall. She was four foot eleven, and almost as tall as her father. She patted Maybelle, but the tiny silver cat decided to get up and greet Sabrina.

“How was your week?” Monica asked her roommate.

“Weird, and horrible. And Weird. But okay,” Sabrina said, her words running together quickly. Her signature bright red lipstick was smeared around one edge of her mouth.

“Met a new guy huh?” Monica asked.

“What? Huh? How can you tell?” Sabrina said, flopping onto the beanbag chair across the room.

Monica circled her fingers around her own mouth and gave Sabrina a wide-eyed look. “Oh, I don’t know. How was your week weird and horrible if you met a guy you’re already kissing?”

“The guy is the only thing making the day even a little bit okay,” Sabrina said, untying her ugly shoes. “His name is Brandon, and he’s interning at a law firm.”

“A lawyer?”

“A law student.”

“Ah, so broke.”

“And no spare time.”

“Nice,” Monica grimaced.

“But potential in the future!” Sabrina said as she kicked off her shoes. “Potential to be something big.” Around a yawn, she said “He’s smart, and cute.”

“Those were givens,” Sabrina didn’t date guys that were less than perfect. At least not less than perfect looking.

“And very kind and compassionate.”

“Whoa, those are new for you.” Monica raised her eyebrows, “He does have potential. How did you discover those traits?”

“The weird and horrible parts of the week,” Sabrina said, tossing the TV remote to Monica. “Can we talk about it later? We can order in comfort food and just…. chill.”

“You can order food,” Monica held her stomach, “I’ve eaten restaurant food for a week straight. I’m having peanut butter and jelly for dinner.”


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