About Working In SEO [Cartoon]

First, I want to say that if you’d like to link to this whole comic as a single unit, it can be found at this link.  If you’ve noticed my Twitter Bio, I’ve said more than once that working as an SEO professional isn’t that far a stretch from science fiction writing. I like to say that both consist of facing big unknowns and poking them, asking “What if….?”

The field has been in flux since the big updates Penguin and Panda were rolled out in 2012, but it wasn’t until the algo updates were rolled out in the last 6 weeks or so that I felt the pinch. Particularly because the way we track and report those updates was also changed in this time.

But let’s start a the beginning of the story:

at first it was fun uh, guys?

We try to tell the business that they shouldn’t rely too much on SEO. There need to be other ways that people reach the site.  But it didn’t really seem like anyone wanted to listen.

too big

And the big updates seemed to keep rolling in.  SEO was suddenly the main source of every thing for everyone.  The pressure to improve and do EVEN BETTER grew tremendously.

I have no say

It felt like I had fewer and fewer tools at my disposal. And more demands placed on me for results.  Except,

my results don't reflect my work

My results weren’t really my results. They were external interpretations of my work. Sometimes that had nothing to do with what was really going on.

Around this point was when I started dreaming of being a construction worker. I want to see the results for a hard day’s work, and when I come in the next morning, I want to be able to start where I left off.   This is when I got really into writing all of the time, because at least I had word counts and a little world I could manipulate all on my own.

I don't feel like I make a difference

I drew this cartoon yesterday. I sort of cracked yesterday at work. I cried a few times, which is embarrassing in an office. I went for a walk in the park, and I took my journal with me.

powerlessness is a choice or I could take control


I felt better after I realized this. There were still things I could do. They weren’t big. They weren’t flashy. They involved getting buy-in from other people, but I could make a plan. I could make it work.

changing job, still poking unknowns



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