Thursday Threes: Three Random Plots

So I’ve come up with a whole lot of random plots in the last few days, and I’m not really attached to any of them. I’m just sort of getting bombarded by concepts.  Here are three of them!

  1. Silly urban fantasy story idea – Talent and Literary Agency run by the Muses. Calli is a Literary Agent on the hunt for the next big thing. The problem is, she can’t find an author she trusts with this spark of an idea.
  2. What about Middle Earth after the Industrial Revolution? Fly a plane across the sea to visit the undying lands?  Blue-collar hobbits? The Ents protesting the destruction of forests for factories…
  3. Fractured Fairytale meets Chick lit by exploring Fairy Tale footwear, from their beginning at the Elves and Shoemaker to the Red Shoes to the old woman  who lived in one. The 12 dancing princesses wore out their shoes every night, and Cinderella famously lost a slipper.  There’s a Puss wearing Boots, a little Mermaid singing over them under the sea.  Toss in some other fictional footwear, like the Seven League Boots.

I’ve made myself giggle with every one of these. Throw out your crazy ideas! Go!


What do you think?

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