140 Characters: Archmage Tyllon

Archmage Tyllon hunched over the books of prophecy, searching.  “Where was it written, old man?” he spoke to the empty room.  “Where was it written that you would take the armor? … Does it tell me anything about the thrice-cursed portal?”

When he heard the thumping sound, he thought it was his page, Merin. She would be racing back up the tower stairs, intent on another errand. The Queen was anxious for her Warrior, and anxious for the armor that would choose him.  When the door did not open in a rush of prepubescent urgency, Tyllon forgot about the noise.

The thumping repeated, but this time he discerned that it was coming from the windowpane, rather than the door. Having already lost his train of thought, and now curious, the Archmage stood and crossed his study.  He looked through the warped glass panes, but saw nothing. When he opened them, a wind and the rush of wings slid past him. Raising an eyebrow, he looked around the room.

There was nothing there.


Tyllon raised his arm high, the hand extended like a tiny stage. He heard the flapping of wings, and felt the talons of a falcon grip his bare wrist.  Wincing as the weight of the bird sunk onto his arm, Tyllon eyed the empty space that was Elrik’s pet, Oko.

“Greetings, Oko,” he said formally to the falcon.

Greetings, Archmage.

“What is your mission?” Tyllon asked.


“Excuse me?”

The Archmage Elrik, he has passed.  I report to you now, sir.

“And his books, the armor, his workshop?”

The Archmage’s body, his workshop, all returned to Bezbran with his death. As did I. The Falcon fluttered his wings when Tyllon changed direction abruptly and headed for the door.  The armour did not return. It is set loose to choose its Warrior in the other world of glass canyons and metal horses.  I am set to watch its choosing. Would you have me return?

Tyllon took the stairs two at a time to the old man’s workshop.  He unlocked the wooden door with a word and passing hand motion.  Oko fluttered from his hand to his old perch. The old man laid before the empty fireplace, dressed strangely.  There was a travelling trunk at his feet. Tyllon knew that the workshop would be compartmentalized within it.

“Do you know how to get there?” Tyllon asked.

Of course I do, Oko’s mental voice sounded affronted, I taught him how to do it.



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