Insert Insight, Please [Cartoon, and bonus photo]

insert insight here

Yes, that’s my clever cartoon for the day. I was going to do a drawing of me staring down the eyes of the revision of the ending of my book. I’m very close, and I’m very close to getting it to the point where I’m actually happy with it. I’m also terrified because that means I have to move on to something else.

I want to draw a picture of how I expect I’ll be at the Greek Festival tomorrow, hauling around husband and stepson in search of a briki (a small pot for making turkish or greek coffee).

I am just one person, and I only have so much time. Sometimes, that time needs to be spent stretched out on the bed with a cat on my butt and my nose in a book. I suppose I could cartoon that, but it’s not very interesting. So you get a dumb cartoon that has no insight at all.

And, for visiting me today, you also get a picture of a tree in my neighborhood that I walk past on my daily commute. If I have to explain why it makes me giggle, you are probably not in the right place.

bush that looks like penis

2 thoughts on “Insert Insight, Please [Cartoon, and bonus photo]

  1. We all need a day off once in a while, enjoy the Greek Fest!

    As for me, I would much rather have been working on transcribing your great-great-grandmother’s handwritten 34 page bio/story than anything else I had to do yesterday that’s for sure. (Oh – did you catch that even in the early 20th we had writers in the fam?)

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