Random Images Repository Needed

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a tumblr account. I know I don’t really need another blog. I really don’t need another shiny toy to play with on the computer. But it’s another way to find people, to meet people, to follow and be followed.

The other thing I was thinking about the Tumblr concept was as a separate place to put stuff that doesn’t fit here on this blog. I have photos (like the tree I shared yesterday) that I think are funny or odd. I have folders of sentences and images that don’t have a place to live in any of my work, but that I like enough to want to remember where I put them. I don’t mind keeping this stuff to myself. I don’t mind using Pinterest or Twitter or Facebook or whatever, but they are all a tiny bit difficult to sift back through if I’m looking for something specific.

For instance, this is an observation that I made while walking to work the other day. It would be interesting as a character moment, as an image in a larger piece of work. As it is now, I have no good place to file it.

Random Image:

I was following a man and his two small children into a daycare center that I pass every day. They were sharing the sidewalk directly in front of me. To speed up the toddler’s legs, the father picked the littlest one up and held him in one arm. The other little boy was probably between three and four years old. I liked the little brown bear that was sewn onto the back of his tiny backpack.

I watched as the little boy raised his hand for his father to hold it. The dad didn’t see this, because the boy walked on the same side where he carried the younger child. The little boy kept up, wasn’t having a problem or anything, he just habitually expected his parent to hold his hand while they walked together.

He put his hand down, and I watched him, a little sad on his behalf. Again, he raised his tiny arm toward his father. Again, through no fault of his own, the father couldn’t see the gesture. I watched the little guy’s hand hang up there in the air for a few moments, and then he dropped it again. then he self-soothed for the missing hand by latching both of his little thumbs into the straps of his backpack. He was a big boy. He had a backpack with a bear on it. He would be okay.

I looked down at my own thumbs, latched through my backpack straps.


That’s the image. In a book, I could imagine using it when a character is having a crisis of faith, or has just lost a parent. It’s a sad image, but it’s also an image about self-reliance. It could be used to serve a theme or teach a lesson. But right now, it’s just something poignant I noticed on the way to work one morning.

I’m just not sure what to do with those homeless images whose time has not yet come. But I suppose I can keep putting them on here as the moment strikes me.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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