Three Things I’ve Read in the Past Week

Three things I’ve read in the last week or so:

  1. Ocean at the End of the Lane – Gaiman‘s latest novel. Lyrical, spooky, sad, hopeful, intriguing and lovely. I think my favorite part is that the reader never really has all of the answers. We can infer and draw parallels with myths, but like the narrator, we never really know.
  2. Greywalker – Kat Richardson’s book one. I had stumbled into her work via a short story collection, and really liked her protagonist and her world. It was pretty cool stuff. I’m going to keep looking for more books in the series!
  3. Still reading Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher. I told you I’m not good at reading my Dresden novels because they wear me out. Brett’s all excited because he’s about to pull “ahead” of me in the series, in terms of knowing what’s going on.

2 thoughts on “Three Things I’ve Read in the Past Week

  1. I have read 7 of the Kat Richardson series. It is one of my favorites. Waiting for the new one this year.

    I’m all caught up with Harry Dresden and am waiting for the newest one here too! Should be out soon

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