Self-doubt Lurks

self doubtOn Monday, I typed the last line of the 9th revision of Salvaged. I have a few minor tweaks that I need to complete, but as far as my planned updates are concerned, I’m done with this version.  I haven’t touched it since Monday, and the longer I spend away from it, the more I’m convinced that it is a big mess and should never see the light of day.

Today, I decided to draw the demon I’ve been trying to avoid all week. Maybe it will help me face it.



9 thoughts on “Self-doubt Lurks

    • I’m going to need readers in December / January for a new book… hint hint 🙂

      Actually, this one I’m not putting out to readers just yet because I really don’t WANT to have to change anything else.

  1. The ping to ‘lurking in my psyche’ intrigued me so I came for a look. Now I am even more intrigued given that I do like a good sci-fi. Reading the small offering has piqued my interest so I hope you listen to your heart and tell you head to butt out 🙂

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