My Life Well-Lived List

Last week, I needed an infusion of perkiness.  I watched this video by a Twitter acquaintance @KelsNotChels.  In the video, she talks about making a list that is an antidote to a bucket list.  The list she suggests is a “Life well-lived list”. The concept is to make a list of all of the things you have done, rather than a list of things you want to do.

To be perfectly honest, some of my stuff is not blog-worthy – I’ve edited a few things either because it’s too personal, or just too goofy.   I thought I’d share with you a few of the highlights and see if this inspires you to make your own.

  1. I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplanewhooosh
  2. I’ve gone hanggliding on the dunes at Kitty Hawk
  3. My friends and I went on a lot of all-day trail rides on horseback, including swimming on the horses (which is amazing!)
  4. A hand-stand in yoga class … without the wall
  5. I’ve baked bread from scratch
  6. and gotten a psychic reading
  7. I’ve stood and performed spoken word poetry
  8. and sung karaoke
  9. I have swapped ghost stories  and lived somewhere haunted
  10. So far, I’ve hiked 126.4 miles of the Appalachian trail – I have a trail name and several bear stories.
  11. Graduated from college, then went and got a graduate certification in translation
  12. Changed careers mid-stream and self-made myself an expert in my field
  13. Oh, I wrote a novel (and rewrote it… and rewrote it.)
  14. Visited 30/50 states (so far)
  15. Baled hay, filleted fish, climbed trees and canoed
  16. I’ve worn my mouse ears at Disneyworld
  17. and seen 2 plays on Broadway
  18. I’ve toured the UN
  19. and seen the Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages theater in Toronto, Canada
  20. I have visited the Washington Mall and the Smithsonian
  21. I’ve been to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum in Niagara Falls
  22. I’ve eaten an apple from Pike’s Place Market in Seattle and gone on a run to Pioneer Square
  23. I’ve gotten tattoos
  24. I have fallen in love, and I’ve fallen out of love.  I’ve also clawed my way out of love, when I’ve had to.
  25. Have been to Europe twice. Once was a grown-up trip with reservations and breakfast. The first time was the youth-hostel backpacking, Eurorail variety.
    1. In Germany –  I visited Bettina, got lost in East Berlin, and experienced the single most emotional day of my life in and around Munich.
    2. In the Czech Republic – I got lost after dark,  saw the castle that is in so many movies, saw the astrological clock and explored the Jewish Quarter.
    3. In Austria I discovered schokocroissants and that everything is closed in August.
    4. In Italy I learned that Romance languages really do work the same way, that some maps cannot be trusted, and that thrift stores are the best places to find souvenirs.  Seeing Pompeii, not eating pizza in Napoli, and getting lost in Rome were among the highlights.
    5. In Greece, I realized that I will always thirst for language.  I saw some of the most beautiful views, and ate some of the most amazing food in my life.  Oh, and I honeymooned and discovered that my husband likes to explore new places the same way I do.
  26. I’ve shared my tiny bedroom as the host-sister to 2 exchange students
  27. Used my language skills to help lost tourists around Atlanta.
  28. Lived without a car in Atlanta since 2002
  29. I’ve run-biked-run six duathlons, and have medals to show for them
  30. I’ve cheered on an IronMan – surviving a 21 hour day with severe cowbell injuries
  31. I’ve attended my 20th year High School reunion
  32. I have purchased a house
  33. I once caught the bouquet – and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t the next one to throw a wedding
  34. I’ve cross-country skiied, toboganned, climbed rock walls and learned how to belay other climbers.
  35. I have become a stepmom.
  36. I went to the county fair for eight years with my 4-H clubs. I had rabbits and a horse.
  37. I’ve made new friends but kept the old
  38. I’ve made things. Useful tangible things – a rug, a dress, etc.
  39. My mom and I have driven from Chicago to Oklahoma City on old Route 66
  40. I’ve dropped out of yoga teacher training
  41. and learned how to dance the tango
  42. I’ve played Ado Annie in OKLAHOMA!
  43. and directed a play
  44. I’ve taken pottery classes and made a few dorky wonky cups and bowls
  45. I’ve attended Dragon*Con a couple of times.
  46. I’ve been eating gluten free since 2005 (I was gluten free before it was trendy. I’m a food hipster!)

I’ve survived some downs I don’t care to mention, and I’ve bounced back from them. I’ve lived on a single income. I’ve clipped coupons and lived on beans with only savings to work from.

Like I said, this is just part of my overall list, but I think it’s a good start.  What’s on your list?

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