More information about “Salvaged”

In honor of today’s #AdPit, I’m adding a longer pitch and some more information about Salvaged.

badge design for my fictional military unit created for SALVAGED

Salvaged is a 95,000-word adult science fiction dystopia that skips “the big virus” and focuses on the social aftermath following the population crash.  The government is reduced to a single combined military Corps, whose goal is “To Preserve Life and the American Way.” 

The One-liner:

Hoping to redeem herself for her violent past, Careen has to get her home remedy into the right hands to save thousands of lives before the next epidemic.

The Synopsis:

 The Corps’ unlikely leaders have to use unorthodox means to achieve their ends. For example, they instituted a Count, a census that provides free medical care and vaccines for anyone who signs up. Naturally, there are parts of society who choose to remain Uncounted. This social tension between one faction and the other provides one means of passive social control for the understaffed Corps.

Careen Emerson has no idea that she’s walking into this power struggle, and that she holds the key to saving thousands of lives.

Careen is seeking redemption of her own for past misdeeds, though she’d rather keep that information from her partner. The plot follows the pair back to her parents’ farm in Pennsylvania to retrieve her grandmother’s home remedy, and where John Mistral digs deeper into Careen’s secrets. He also gets sick – with something that might kill him.   The elixir does its job, and saves Mistral’s life, but not before they realize that Careen is being pursued by the Uncounted for the same recipe.  Rival factions want to control the black market, and Careen gets caught in the crossfire.  
Careen’s inner journey is one of learning to trust other people and herself.  She struggles with her identity as a killer, and has to learn that she can preserve life and still defend herself and others.  As far as the American way is concerned, the book is also about social control via fear and meaningless antagonism between artificially polarized groups.
Salvaged is appropriate to be marketed to adults of both genders. Adult fans of the Hunger Games, and fans of the comic book series Y: the last Man would enjoy this action-adventure. 


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