Three Fun things I Did Last Weekend

Hey. I never promised that the “Three things” posts would be deep.

1. Went to see and hear Bill Bryson speak. He authored “A Walk in the Woods“, which was required reading prior to my first trip on the AT (that’s what I get for hiking with a bunch of English teachers). Right now he’s on tour for “One Summer: America 1927” which sounds fascinating.  He is as quirky and delightful as you imagine he would be. And I got to hang out with my friend, so it gets bonus points.

2. Lounged around in my PJs reading. I know that sounds more relaxing than it does fun. But I lead a simple life.

3. Took my inner child on a thrift store shopping trip. She bought a tough black leather jacket, a white faux fur stole, a lace table cloth for a craft project and a pink belt with silver studs.  I don’t know. I can’t explain it. Let’s just roll with it and see what happens.


What do you think?

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