140 characters: Monica, Sabrina

“I suck at Twitter,” Monica blew a strand of her blue bob haircut from her face and gazed down at her smartphone. “I never remember to tweet stuff. I just lurk.”

“So why bother?” Sabrina said, yawning and stretching across the sofa for their shared bowl of popcorn. “You could quit.”

“Dad wants me to learn how to use it so I can take over the Twitter account for the firm,” Monica said. “I like reading stuff other people say. And I even got added to a list! There’s this guy with a weird corndog in his photo that keeps mentioning me.” She ran her finger over the screen.  “I don’t know. It feels like work.”

“A guy with a corndog in his photo feels like work? huh?” Sabrina snorted.

“No, the whole Twitter thing,” Monica munched on a bite of popcorn. “I feel like I’m only doing it because of work. So it’s all work. I don’t know. I guess if I made more friends on there it would be fun.”

Sabrina grinned and grabbed her phone from under Monica’s cat.  “Okay, I’m in. I’ll play. How do I set up an account?”


Oko glided past the window of the two women. He wondered how they would lead him to the Warrior of the ages. They had two of the pieces of armour, after all.  They were using small items that shined light up onto their faces, and seemed to require stroking.  The cat marked his passing. Its yellow eyes did not blink.

He sought the energy of the armour itself, with the sword and shield still in safekeeping.   It had wandered further across this strange city of metal and glass canyons. Farther than he had thought it would in so short a time.

Oko wondered, as he glided above the city, whether he would be able to throw off the dead man’s enchantments. Could he take off his cloak of invisibility? Certainly. Could he remove the compulsion to report to the Archmage?  That was another question entirely.

If he could do that, then the armour might find its way into his hands once more. And hands they would be.


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