Putting my Dreams in Other People’s Hands

I’m a very goal-oriented individual.  I make goals that reach five or ten years into the future, and then I make plans on how I’m going to get there. The same way I plan the ending of the book and map the plot, I’ve got steps toward all of my big dreams.

I’m not one to dream wistfully and do nothing about it.  

All of the dreams I’m working toward right now are in a phase of waiting.

I’m querying agents. I keep ten on open submission at all times. With one rejection, I send out the next query.  I do this mostly because it’s hard to keep track of everyone I’m waiting to hear from if I submit to more than that.   I do it so I don’t have to send 50 “I have an offer” emails, because I’m that optimistic about this process.

I’m submitting a short story to magazines. I’ve got more stories that I’m going to add into this rotation, but for now, it’s just the one. And it’s just going in for each relevant publication one after the next.

I’m waiting for the next email, and I know that odds are high it will be a rejection. It takes between 8 and 100 times being told “no” to get to a “yes”.  People need to recognize your name, you need to become a brand.  This is basic cold-call sales wisdom. Fine.  I can accept that. I take the rejection, I add another pin to my secret pinterest board, and I send out the next query. (I won’t move the “Badges of Honor” pinterest board to public until I get some “yes” answers. It is supposed to serve as inspiration to others to show dogged determination, and that eventually, things work out. So, things have to work out first.)

In these cases, about the most active thing I can do is refresh my inbox several times a day, and keep submitting.

I made mention of this the other day and Brett caught it.  He realized while I was sounding quiet and resigned, that was only part of it.  What he heard was that lack of control and lack of forward motion are surefire ways to make me absolutely crazy.  I hadn’t thought of it that way at all, but it really is “not me” to sit idly by and wait for someone else to make a decision.

I trust the process. I trust that this will work when I make the right connection.  It might drive me a little crazy.

My mom is laughing as she reads this because she had to teach her budding control-freak, type-A, perfectionist daughter the serenity prayer a long time ago.  I’m back to recognizing the things I cannot control.

In  my scope of control includes:

  • Starting a new project to test my drafting and editing process to better gauge how long it would take me to write a novel from scratch.
  • Finishing Works in Progress (Uncounted, 140 characters, Maaneshin, a short story prequel to Salvaged called “Survived”)
  • Continuing to research more agents who represent my genre so I’m fishing in a well-stocked pond for that right-connection
  • Stuff that has nothing to do with writing. Cleaning the house, reading a book, going for a run, making a new skirt

See above for this week’s to do list….


2 thoughts on “Putting my Dreams in Other People’s Hands

  1. I know what you mean but I tend to think of these periods as pausing rather than waiting. These bigger shifts into life that you want happen through perseverance, baby steps, pauses and faith in what you’re doing. I have that with ArtiPeeps all the time. It will all click when it needs to and when it’s in place.

  2. I know this must be difficult for you, but I think that in reality, you are the one in control. In control of who gets to see your stuff, in control of when you send out those pieces to tease with, and in control of your own reaction when you get their reply. The only thing you are not in control of is their perception. And if they don’t know greatness then they can go suck eggs! LOL

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