Three Things I Do Every Halloween

Space girl halloween costume

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have noticed that I didn’t update my profile to a scary photo or change my name to something spooky.   I joke that this is because I’m a curmudgeon, and to an extent that’s true.  Mostly, I feel like I should like Halloween more than I do. It’s an excuse to cosplay, right?

I don’t even cosplay for Dragon*con. I am far too lazy for all of those shenanigans.

The main thing I do every Halloween is dose my dog up with Benadryl so he doesn’t freak out about the foot traffic, and sit on the front porch for the duration of the evening.  Trick or treaters make Lingo nuts. I love seeing the costumes and saying hi to neighbors, but I have a limited amount of patience for all of this.  Very few kids dress up. Usually they are in day to day clothes and carrying Kroger sacks.

It’s not very exciting unless you’re an old dog with bad hips who is doing his very best “GET OFF MY LAWN” impression with every child that approaches the house.

Eventually, I give up. I turn of the porch light and go about my hermit-y evening on my own.  I try to keep the dog calm.  I keep most of the lights off in the house.  I ignore the noise in the street.

I light a candle.  Some years, I actually carve pumpkins and decorate outside, but no one else gets into it, and its a lot of work for just one day. (Yes, I say the exact same thing about Christmas, and we seldom put up a tree for that reason.)  But for All Hallow’s Eve I’ll light a candle to ward out wandering spirits and to honor the deceased.

I hope you like this photo of me at 5 years old on Halloween. This is one of my favorite costumes!


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