Remember, remember the fifth of November, and today is election day! Eeek! I want to avoid gunpowder treason and plot, and I’m not really one for torching parliament, but do go out and vote. Thomas Jefferson was a fan of the peaceful revolution of ideologies. I have a thing for vigilantes, though, hence the Batman reference and my adoration of V for Vendetta.

I’m working on my NaNoWriMo book, and so far, it’s going okay. Whenever I say “Okay.” Brett always asks “Just okay?”

Yes. Just okay.

I’m seeing things I might want to change as I go. I’m worried about laying too much out too early, and not adding in enough stuff like descriptions. I’m giving myself extra first-draft pressure because of the process tests.  I know that I need to just word-sprint it out and let it be the mucky first draft that it needs to be.  I want it to be better than that.

In short, I haven’t hammered past the inner editor just yet. I know that a good Write or Die session will probably help me manage to do that scene by scene. The problem is when I try to go back and re-read what I’ve done so far and begin tweaking.  Then self-doubt…..


One thought on “NaNo NaNo NaNo NaNo BATMAN!

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