Three things I’ve learned about myself this week

1. My writing / drafting style has not changed as drastically as I thought. 

When I decided on my NaNoWriMo processes, I sincerely thought that I had changed how I rough draft. I was sure that with all of my experience, I would be adding sensory details and showing only what the camera could see – right out of the gate.

Turns out, I  write action and dialogue and then keep moving.  I’m a little worried about the fact that I’m the better part of the way through Act 2, and I’m only at 11K words. I’m flying low, writing fast, and not dilly dallying with describing people or scenery.

So, that thicker, juicier writing that I’m expecting myself to do? Probably going to have to do a second sweep. It won’t even really be a second draft. It will be like draft 1.5 or something. I doubt I’ll get to 50K at this rate, let alone a full novel length. And I’m wondering whether I need 2 or 3 subplots to make it a little richer. Right now I’m focusing primarily on the main action.

2.  I have absolutely no qualms about dressing like a weirdo. 

I had a fun outfit picked out for Halloween, and then I had to call in sick for Halloween. So I wore it on Monday. I could tell that people noticed it, and most of my coworkers are of the “if you can’t say something nice…” school of thought. I got up-and-down outfit looks and then no comments.

Used to be, this bugged me. Now, I smirk back with the thought “Oh honey, you have no idea how weird I am” and walk on.

3.  I learned that I only read about four genres.

I voted in the Opening Round of GoodReads Reader’s Choice Awards, and I kept having to skip sections  because I hadn’t read ANY of those books.

I really want a Matrix-style hookup to dump ALL OF THE BOOKS into my brain.

4 thoughts on “Three things I’ve learned about myself this week

    • Are you an “NF” in Myers Briggs? I’m so big picture I skip right over that stuff.

      I do add it back in, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I got feedback once to use details to add “weight” or “importance’ to a character or setting. Seeing it as a tool like that really helped me figure out where I should spend my efforts.

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