140 Characters: Finnegan


Épée (Photo credit: jpellgen)

Aidan Finnegan smiled at the wavering tip of his opponent’s epee. The match was tied, 4 all, and this guy was shaking. Aidan didn’t realize that he flickered the fingers of his raised right hand behind his head. To his opponent, the motion was cocky. To Aidan, it was unconscious. He had been fencing since he was 12.  He was watching the big picture.

The guy on the other end of the strip wasn’t used to lefties, for one thing. He kept trying to use circle parries that did nothing but give Aidan openings. He was fast as hell, though, and he kept getting through Aidan’s defenses because of it.  He was shaking because this bout had been going on for nearly fifteen minutes, and few fencers are used to that much footwork.

Aidan stomped forward once, making a loud thud with his sneaker on the bamboo floors.

The guy jumped backward, and Aidan straightened his arm to race forward into a fleche before the  guy could recover. Streaking past him, he popped the tip of his blade across his opponent’s bicep. A green light flashed on the scorebox. A white light had appeared on the other side of the box.

The official called Aidan’s point, and they removed their sweaty masks.

Aidan’s breath caught in his throat. His opponent was… breathtaking. He was the same height as the lanky six-footer, but with a dark Mediterranean complexion and a wild mop of black curls. His light hazel eyes looked tired as they stepped forward and shook ungloved hands awkwardly.

Aidan didn’t get any sense of attraction, or even a hint of sexuality from the man, but he raced out of the locker room to try to meet him.

He didn’t make it. The beautiful man had crawled into a taxi just before Aidan was within shouting distance. His freshly-showered hair being dampened more by the afternoon rain, Finnegan hailed a cab to head home. He hoisted his long, heavy bag of fencing gear onto the cracked leather seat. And almost yelped when he sat on something.

“Hey, do you need this umbrella?” He asked the cabbie. The silent man shook his head, and pulled into traffic.



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