Three Things I’m Working On This Week

Sometimes I break my to do lists up into categories so I can get a smattering of things done across them. (This means doing some of the things I have to do, and balancing them with things I want to do.)  One of the category sets I like to use is “Beginning, Maintaining, and Finishing,” which is particularly useful for works in progress.

1. Beginning  — My NaNoWriMo novel

Because it’s a fresh write from the start, following a new idea and a new process, I’m calling this a “beginning” project, even though I’m over halfway through the NaNoWriMo wordcount of 50K words.   It’s gotten harder, especially the fight scenes, but I’m plugging my way through it and making it into something new. Even making myself laugh from time to time.

2. Maintaining — Queries and Submissions

Because it’s an ongoing process, I’m putting the agent queries and story submissions down as “maintaining”. It’s a keep-on-keeping-on sort of act of perseverance and diligence.   I’ve asked for some editorial help for the query letter and synopsis, so hopefully this will get a new spark of activity in the next few weeks.

3.  Finishing —  Uncounted

I’ve got a lot of stories in the final-edit phase. A few that are awaiting critiques, and so on. While I’d also add those to the “finishing” category, the project I’m the closest to getting finished is the story arc on the webcomic Uncounted.  I’ve learned a lot about how to write comics and webcomics from the experience, and I want to honor my characters and let them breathe for other people now, too.

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